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We offer roof inspections as part of real estate transactions and to provide peace of mind.

There are some situations in life where mediocrity isn’t going to make a big difference in the scheme of things. A bad haircut, while distressing, isn’t going to adversely affect your life for the long term. However, a botched roofing project could. Even if you have a relatively new roof on your Boone, North Carolina home, you should have it inspected every so often to be sure it is providing the protection against water damage that you expect.

Roof Inspections in Boone, North Carolina

At Blue Ridge Roofing, we offer roof inspections as part of real estate transactions and to provide peace of mind on an ongoing basis. We recommend annual roof inspections, as well as an inspection after severe weather. You should also schedule an inspection if you suspect you have roof problems. It might surprise you how bad a roof can get before it becomes evident inside the home. Even small leaks result in water damage, heightened humidity levels, and the potential for mold and insect infestations. It could be happening right now, and but you’ll never know if you don’t have the roof inspected.

Not all our roof inspections lead to a roof replacement, and we’ll be the first to tell you if that’s not yet necessary. However, our experience tells us that it is normally better to put the money you’d invest in repairs and have the roof replaced if you are looking for a long-term solution. You can count on us for straight answers and an honest recommendation about the roof on your primary home, vacation home, or rental property. Call today to learn more about our roof inspections and other roofing services.